Faith, Car Parks and dr evil.

There is a category of church known as ‘Word of Faith’. Taken to the extreme they believe if you speak it out in faith it MUST happen. Of course wisdom would tell us this can be destructive, discouraging and often leads to a strange sort of prosperity orientated Christianity if you are not careful. At […]

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How to smile like a gold medalist

It will sound like name dropping I know but I was chatting with Australian gold medal winning swimmer Duncan Armstrong recently (we are old mates now) and he said that they have found out an interesting thing. When they have done studies they have found that silver medalists smile less on the podium than bronze […]

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Wisdom and learner drivers

Recently we have been teaching Kami, our eldest daughter, to drive. She was driving one day and it was her first time on a high way, so we are going 100 k’s an hour. I was already tense. As things always seem to go with a learner driver driving, a problem lay ahead. Way way […]

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The Spiritual Growth Myth

I remember a time when I was a youth pastor when (would you believe it?) my wife and I clashed heavily with some parents in the youth. After the initial conflict, grace prevailed and we agreed to talk things over. I’ll never forget one of the dads, probably in his late 40’s, apologising and saying […]

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Pain, the gift nobody wants.

We are all aware of the terrible disease of leprosy. Famously we hear stories of people fingers and toes falling off because of the disease. Interestingly you may think the disease caused this. Well that is only partly true. The disease actually deadens pain receptors so that the person themselves gets injured in some way […]

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