The top 5 excuses for not praying (and how to overcome them)

Prayer is one of those things that is so important, yet we far too easily make excuses (sometime dumb excuses!) for not praying. Here is 5 excuses and 5 quick solutions.

  1. I am too busy. Are you too busy to fill up your car with petrol? Probably, but it would be just plain dumb to neglect filling your car – the problem only gets bigger. This is what Jesus was getting at in the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), the most important thing must happen. The solution: Plan to pray! Put it in your diary, set an alarm, do whatever you need to do.
  2. I feel too dry spiritually. If this is your excuse then you are letting your feelings lead you. The solution: Knowing the basis of our approach to God is on how good Jesus is, not whether we feel up to it or whether we pray good quality prayers.
  3. My prayers aren’t being answered. God may not be answering your prayers for any number of good reasons, but this doesn’t mean we stop. The solution: Remain faithful and persevere in your prayer (Rom 12v12)
  4. I don’t need to pray. Watch out if this is your excuse. A loving father disciplines us when we are arrogant and prideful (Heb 12:4-12). Solution: Humble yourself and start praying before God humbles you.
  5. I feel too ashamed to pray. Sin will always cause you to want to withdraw from others and God (Gen 3:8). The Solution: Resist the temptation to hide and use the truth that God can’t love you more than He does in this moment to cause you to turn back, repent and restore relationship.

* with help from D.A. Carson “A call to Spiritual Reformation”.

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