5 Reasons our evangelism hits a wall

We are in a series which is hopefully inspiring us to evangelism – sharing the good news about Jesus. But often our efforts fail. Here are five reasons our evangelism hits a wall today (with a few solutions as well):

  1. We come across mean! We are like the older brother in the famous parable in Luke. We think we have done it all right and ‘they’ have done it all wrong. Instead Jesus tells us to be gentle in our approach (Jude 22-24).
  2. We are cowardly! “If I speak up somebody may think I am a fanatic” The gospel says, where does your identity really rest?
  3. We think that person is too far gone! There is no ‘type’ of Christian and nobody is beyond saving.
  4. We are spiritually empty! Our own lives are dry spiritual. John Stott says, “…nothing shuts our mouth like the own poverty of our own spiritual experience.” Our lives must be filled with the joy of Christ.
  5. We invest in the wrong places! Ultimately Jesus tells us to find the person of peace (Luke 10:5-6). A person of peace is that person who is receptive to you and the message. Find where God is already working and go with Him.

    (The first four were inspired by Tim Keller).

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