How to move beyond boring faith

Ever wondered why your faith feels boring and stale? I was with Jossy Chacko, the founder of the great mission organisation Empart recently, and he said, “…the trouble with most Christians is we are educated beyond our level of obedience…” Ouch!

In other words, we love a good sermon, small group study or even bible degree but rarely are we willing to actually do the stuff we talk about. It seems that the pass mark for a Christian is knowing what we are called to rather than doing what we are called to. The trouble with this is it is plain boring. It is like going to a restaurant and eating the menu not the food.

I am convinced that an adventurous faith is linked to a higher levels of risk. Risking your reputation, risking your finances and even risking messing with what you thought you knew.

We have just finished an evangelism series and the temptation is to put it on the shelf as yet more good knowledge we know. How about deciding to act right now? Here is three options:

  1. Call or text a friend and ask them how you can pray for them
  2. Message your connect group leader about the chance of doing a missional project as a group
  3. Bless a friend right now.
  4. Invite a friend for a meal or coffee.

Any one of those four things will put obedience behind your knowledge. I dare you to watch how God works as you work and how the staleness is quickly left behind.

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