Ever wanted to know your most important priority?

Ever wanted to know the most important priority in your life?

If your life is like mine you are always:

  • Picking up your kids from something (dancing, tennis, musical rehearsal and the most annoying of all – church youth group)
  • Paying a bill or organizing something to do with your finances
  • Trying to remember a password for something (don’t get me started on passwords)
  • Fixing something
  • Or that other one…work!

Just this morning I read again the story of Mary and Martha. The story of poor old Martha is not too different to our story. Martha had things to do. Cooking, dishes, organizing… And yes all these things mattered. But I want to focus on one word in the middle of the text, it says in Luke 10 vs 40 that Martha was ‘distracted’. It means ‘to be pulled, dragged away’. What that tells me is like Martha, most of us instinctively know what is most important but other things come and grab at our attention pushing us away. It would seem that Mary had already been asked by Martha to come and help but Mary CHOSE to remain at the feet of Jesus. That must have taken some willpower and determination. This same challenge remains with us.

The most important priority of the Christian is to be close to and listening to Jesus. Sometimes, often times, we will need to be determined to ensure this happens. In a sense we have to fight to make this the number one.

I reckon when we do this, the rest falls into place. I am fairly confident everybody got to eat that night, just like we will still pick up the kids and pay the bills (no guarantee about remembering the passwords).

So what is distracting you from the main priority?

This weekend at Catalyst we begin our Encounter series and we are trialing night services at 5pm also. What a great opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus.

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