Keys to ESCAPING the desert!

We have all gone through desert experiences. Interestingly scripture highlights three different types of desert experiences and each require a different response.

Dry and Fruitless: Fruitfulness in your life seems to have disappeared. While all other factors seem good (eg. contentedness to God, relationship with others and inner-life), obvious blessing seems to have dried up.

Response: Many dry times are seasonal. In other words they are in the very heart and will of God for us to go through and are important for our growth. In this case, be patient, look for learnings and allow your roots to go deep into him. Don’t worry – the rain will come! (Bible example: Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness)

Pushing through it: You have a clear sense that you are not meant to be there. You are striving and working hard to ‘get to the other side’ and may well be exhausted.

Response: Watch out for striving and making things happen in your own effort. The children of Israel needed to step forward in faith into his rest and ultimately the promises of God. (Biblical example: Children of Israel 40 years in the desert).

Uncultivated: Life is possible, but actually it is you that for one reason or another haven’t cultivated that area in your life. It is characterized by unfulfilled potential.

Response: Ask two questions: What are you saying God? and; What am I going to do about it? This may mean repentance, counselling, accountability or some form of simple obedience. (Biblical example: Moses and the burning bush).

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