Getting the message through to the subconscious self

I shared recently that there are essentially two ‘yous’. The conscious mind and the subconscious self. Author Paul Scanlon refers to it as the Captain of the ship and the engine room controller (click here to see the message).  My view is that we will then spend our life allowing our subconscious self line up with the truths of the gospel.

But how do we allow those truths to find their way into the mysterious thing called the heart, inner being or subconscious self? Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Meditation: Not Eastern religion mind blanking meditation, but instead allow a scripture to sit in your mind and then think about it all day. Chew on it. Examine each word separately. Dwell on different interpretations. Repeat it over and over.
  2. Speak to yourself. David in the Psalms speaks to himself, so not a bad idea. Apparently those moments as you fall asleep are a great time to reinforce something about the truth of God.
  3. Remind yourself. Place post its in obscure places around your house or car, that remind you about a new way of thinking.
  4. Practice it. This is a bit more extreme but set yourself a goal and go to extreme lengths to fulfill it. For example if you are looking to be more encouraging, then simply DO NOT go to bed before encourage 10 people per day. If this means you are texting encouragements at 1 am in the morning so be it. But for an extended period practice.
  5. Find the trigger points. Often times if you observe yourself you know the things that set you up for failure, that trigger you for the negative. Instead, name them and immediately have on hand the new way of thinking. For example when you are discouraged you reach for food, instead speak God’s truth into your life (and reach for a carrot!).

If you are a Tim Keller fan like I am you will notice that he often says things like, ‘…to the degree you allow this to affect your heart is the degree that you will have freedom…” I like this viewpoint because it gives me the picture of the continual journey of opening up my heart to the great truths of the gospel. It is a life long journey – be kind to yourself because God already has been kind to you.

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