Conspiracy theories and struggling faith: The other symptoms of CV?

“Hang on. Aren’t I supposed to be having a super strong meditative quiet time with deep and reflective bible reading during this coronavirus lockdown? Why is it that while everyone seems to be going on about using the time to be ‘closer to God’ I actually feel distant?”

I have no idea if you have been asking yourself those questions, but if you are can I tell you I don’t think you are alone; but maybe ‘being alone’ is the problem. Put simply, we are not meant to do life on our own. We do need people in our lives. And sorry spouses, no matter how good you are everyone needs mates, friends and sometimes even the crowd.

One thing that is clear in scripture is that our relationships with each other help to support and strengthen our faith. Think about Paul worshiping God after being beaten up and locked in a prison cell. What Paul had that no doubt helped him was Silas. Think about Peter sitting around a fire denying Jesus. What Peter didn’t have was a friend in that moment.

It isn’t the whole answer but it is a big part of the answer. Personally, for me, I feel the isolation has really hit me most in the last week or so. As much as zoom calls are great there is something about personal contact that takes things to a different level. So, my advice, as restrictions lift is to reach out to people and be willing to inconvenience yourself and make personal contact with others (within the guidelines). Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. On Sunday at Catalyst online I am sharing about what to do when we get it wrong. The good news is there is always a way back.

While I am at it, you probably are noticing the increase in conspiracy theories that are flying around at the moment. I reckon part of the problem again is isolation. In our isolation and confusion we are reaching for answers in the wrong place. If you want to read a great article on why we follow conspiracies follow this link.


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