Have you been admonished lately?

Colossians is my current devotional book. I have noticed the word ‘admonish’ popping up throughout. I admit I had to look it up. It means to, ‘warn or reprimand someone firmly’. It got me thinking, am I open to that? My take on Colossians is it is full of wisdom on how we mature in Christ. If I am going to mature, I need to allow (trusted) people to speak into my life (Coll 3:16). The truth is – we don’t like that. In this day and age I think we can be incredibly resistant to somebody speaking truth, especially when it hurts a bit. It may be the most important thing you can hear.

If you are brave enough, why not invite a trusted person to speak in to your life. Here are some tips (from Sheila Heen):

  1. Ask two questions: 1. One thing you appreciate about me? 2. What is one thing you see me doing that you think I should change?
  2. Don’t decide too quickly if you agree or disagree. Really ask what the person means.
  3. Be careful not to let your own identity (what you believe about yourself) get in the way of what the person is saying.

The truth is growing people are listening people. Open yourself up to listening and you will grow. If you grow others around you will grow.

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