Faith, Car Parks and dr evil.

There is a category of church known as ‘Word of Faith’. Taken to the extreme they believe if you speak it out in faith it MUST happen. Of course wisdom would tell us this can be destructive, discouraging and often leads to a strange sort of prosperity orientated Christianity if you are not careful. At […]

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Why do murderers confess?

I find it interesting watching shows where they track down murderers and they lock them in those little rooms with two detectives. As we watch on through grainy video, it always goes like this, “No I didn’t do it, you have the wrong person, I wasn’t even there…” And as I watch these real life […]

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Are you a Christian Buddhist?

Are you a Christian Buddhist? Now first up, I am no expert on Buddhism so my knowledge is limited and I am not beating up on their faith. But as a Christian, sometimes we can be surprised how wrong concepts can creep into our faith. One question I like to ask from time to time […]

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