When Jesus doesn’t make sense.

Recently I spoke on the topic, ‘When Jesus doesn’t make sense’. I reminded our church that Jesus might be saying wait, He may be working in our suffering and always he reminds us of the wonder of the gospel in those times. In many ways it was a message about dealing with suffering. Sometimes that […]

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How to save $50k in 5 years

The bible actually has more to say about how we manage our finances than it does things like giving and generosity. Verses like 1 Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert…” give us a clear hint that simply being aware of ourselves and our environment can be a big help. Along these lines, our family have picked […]

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5 rules of thumb for giving

How you decide how and when you give is not easy. There are many demands both on our money and for our money. Here are a few rules of thumb I employ when it comes to giving. Practice giving! Giving doesn’t begin when we can afford it. Be careful about falling into the trap of […]

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Are you playing the blame game?

“If you don’t isolate insecurity, insecurity will isolate you.” Paul de Jong. Insecurity loves to make you feel alone and isolated, so it must be defeated. The first place to start is owning what is yours. If you missed my message click here for the three tell-tale signs of insecurity. The trouble is on that […]

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How to move beyond boring faith

Ever wondered why your faith feels boring and stale? I was with Jossy Chacko, the founder of the great mission organisation Empart recently, and he said, “…the trouble with most Christians is we are educated beyond our level of obedience…” Ouch! In other words, we love a good sermon, small group study or even bible […]

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